Saturday, 7 March 2009

About Us :)

I met My Fiance (ooh that sounds so posh) 3isaam when he hit me
over the head with a toy tractor , when i was 4 years old we had a fight
then decided to become best friends for ever, we became best friends and started visiting each others houses and playing with eachother and anyways we lived like across the street with eachother
i am the oldest of like 3 children and two of those children are boys i was always like a tomboy so it was no suprise that ,my best friend in the whole world was a boty, my parents are really relaxed and dont match the given stereotypes of people that come from my country, which is why our definetly new relationship does not match the little cliche of
saudi couples and "aranged Marriages" , i went to a girls school and 3isam went to a boys school but we made sure we saw eachother all the time after school , to be truly honest we have never been anything but best friends for such a long time and even if we had , we never realised it we could talk about anything and everything under the sun and that included him talking about girls, after the real innocence of "childrenhood" :P ok childhood alot of changes came into 3isams little quiet saudi life , met half sisters he and his brother had never known before and my best friend ever moved away to a faar faar away country called the United Kingdom of Great Britain and now i could hardly ever see him
considering he hates Msn and never picks up the Phone we never Lost contact and i would stll visit his grandparents house in my "teen" years, hanging around with a boy
who is not your Mahram in my country can get you into all sorts of trouble but nothing serious had ever happened and we would always laugh about it later

Although lots of "aunties" seriously dissaproved (i can see that now it did turn into "something else" but ther had been no harm done because nothing strange has occured)
when he moved away
i became really sad and missed him soo much , like i said he really was my best friend but we would talk and his familly came over so many times
usually his trips would be unnanouced and he could really make a typical boring day a wonderfull one.

Whilst ive known 3isam lots of changes have occured in his and my own life some good and some bad
ie meeting sisters that he had never known before and becoming really close and living with them and being a familly and never calling eachother "half" anything =GOOD
but also the Death of his eldest and only brother Muhammad one ramadan in england= BAD
throughout though he had always stayed the happy go lucky smily kind person he is, he does usually put up a carefree attitude to the world and he is always great to be around

you know how you can be happy and being near a down person can make you down also
3isam totally has the opposite effect
you can be really down but being with him can totally make you happy, usually we would rent Dvds or get takeaways and its so much fun to be around his lovely familly and sisters

(his sisters are half somali and have taught me loads of new words :D)

anyways nothing much changed after his leaving apart from me missing him and thanking god for this think called technology i also visited his familly when we went to holiday in London

(i totally loved london) and suggested moving there to my parents
ofcourse they thought i was insane and it was never mentioned again

Years Later i mean Many years later an awesome thing occured it went something like this

*3aaliyah wakes up and does whatever people do when they wake up , Mum enters the room rushing about saying we are going to have lots of visitors today and thrusts a really long list of things to go buy to her , 3aaliyah sighs and gets dressed ready to go to the shops*

A couple of minutes later at the shops 3aaliyah makes sure she has bought everything and walks ever so sloowly home totally not wanting to meet anymore aunties bringing forth eligible sons..........
*btw 3aaliyah wears niqaab*

*tap, tap 3aaliyah looks around and blinks like 3 times then squeals 3ISAAAAAAAAAAM and hugs him*

*3isaam smiles* and says:

3isaam: you just walked right Past Me

3aaliyah: well i wasnt expecting u idiot OMG hii hws everything u totally made like the worst morning ever

3isaam: :o wow that a compliment? it mustve been a pretty bad morning then, hey you coming to mine or im coming to yours?

3aaliyah: erm 3isam i dunno we have like guests but.. hold on one sec owk?

*takes out fone and calls home*

3aaliyah: erm ummi guess what

mum: 3isams here i know i knoow go on then go with him

3aaliyah: er really? are you sure if you need help

Mum : go on 3aaliyah i could never ruin today for you go with him and see

3aaliyah : see what?

Mum: yallah go
*end of convo with mum turns 2 3isaam and they start blabbering about something and nothing when he says..
3isam: 3aaliyah im moving back

3aaliyah: haha your so hilarious dont make fun of me 3isam
3isam: wallah im serious i now live in KSA all over again, omg you could atleast say something

3aaliyah: SAY SOMETHING? omg your like the best ever go on what shall i buy you?

3isam: *laughs* you are priceless you are go on i got some dvds and come to my house yeah?

and so we did

we went to his house ate talked watched movies , the Tv talked and had so much fun we totally lost track of time

(totally besides the point i suck at telling stories)

everything went back to normal and we saw eachother nearly EVERY DAY like when we were kids its soo funny because we talk for hours and we talk about nothing and its never boring

my mum would say something like

did you tell 3isam this? / that? and id be like er noo and shed be like so what did you spend all day talking about? its hilarious

3isam with his charming self and hottness (im allowed to say tht now :P) had always been a ladies man but i had to admit he was never serious about them and we always used to joke

" if i dont find anyone to marry ill marry you u know" but anyways in his stay in saudi arabia

he met a girl (so hes always meeting a girl) and he decided he liked her, he told me he had never been serious about a girl before it was a whole new thing but they wont really "together" and when he asked her if he was wasting his time

she said he was not

omg i cant beleive im admitting this but all that time me and 3isam had been friends ive seen him with girl after girl and he would tell me everything and it didnt matter in the slightest to me

but for some reason it DID start to matter i was kinda getting jelous even so i wasnt cruel enough to be happy when the girl announced she was getting married to someone else and personally delivered the message to 3isaam he was totally heartbroken but i wasnt as there for him as i shoudlve been because i was too busy figuring out the weird things i started feeling about 3isaam and why i cared about whether he was with a girl or not, this was so not part of the plan.

this made me start avoiding 3isam and it made him upset this dude is so hard to lie to and thats the thing about him he seems 2 know what im thinking or why im doing certain things without having to ask and he said "3aaliyah its not nice to avoid your friends you know"and i felt i had to try again but these weird feelings wouldnt go away and he would catch me staring at him and smile it felt so weird. 3isam had to go back to the UK for some familly stuff for a while and this gave me time to think btw by the time all this has happened 3isam has been back in saudi for nearly a year and his familly trip gave me time to think my feelings through and i finally came to the conclusion i really really like 3isaam id probably need to get married about now and instead of marrying a dude and hoping for it to work out i would be probably more sure of it working out with 3isam but one i was a girl and we dont ask and two i didnt know if he felt the same way and i would die if our friendship was to be lost.

when one morning (what isit with this dude and morning suprises) i heard my mum screamind and squeeling with happiness saying

"3aaliyah 3aaliyah yallah habibtii Mabrooook"

erm "mabrook?"

mum: yeah mabrook well if you agree

*tells me whole weeklong story on 3isam proposal to dad his uncle providing us with a home and 3isam with a job and car very good dowry and hes your best friend anywho the familly agreed 3isam proposed and now it was my turn*

and i said


(this blog is dedicated to my love , my best friend 3isaam as we prepare for our perfect wedding) :)

3aaliyah :)


  1. I love you 3aaliyah
    always have always will
    your the best in the whole world :)

    lool aww what a great story
    we see you guys are re-enacting bollywood :p
    i cant beleive you told me so late
    anyways your forgiven
    give me a ring when you get back from London

  3. 3isaam you idiot
    wasnt you promised to me?
    :P joke i wish you guys all the happiness in the world

  4. I so want a story like that
    wish my husband would be my best friend
    much love

  5. kaz and the crew10 March, 2009

    omg the USA is awesome
    and 3isam akhi i was joking me and ya7ya wish you and 3aaliyah all the best
    and although your a crappy brother
    we are sure
    3aaliyah can sort you out
    much love
    from all your sisters
    KAZ and the rest