Tuesday, 10 March 2009


Salaamu Aleikum :)

i hope you all enjoyed the last post, hopefully it served as an introduction of who me and 3isam are although i already know that most of our undecover readers ( as i dont have a followers bar)

already know either me or 3isam but through this blog they might begin to know us both together :)

so yeah

back to the point of this post

well this post only serves two purposes one to keep the blog from only having 2 posts

and 2

because im seriously stuck on how i wanna have my wedding and what dress ill be wearing as its the only detail which has been left completly to me

as a muslimah and niqaabi i would love something like the above islamic pictures of sisters with their hijab ^ they look serene and at peace on the best day of their lives

no sign of any guilt

which i may suffer from if i choose the more not wearing hijab option

also i have seen UTTERLY gorgeous amazingly gorgeous arabic dresses that i could wear for the wedding

but then i do want to have like a "white wedding thing" with a beautifull dress like the one above

to be honest cost is not a problem

i went to an amazing Bridal actually party clothes "muslim" shop

aaah i could just live there


what do you guys think?

you CAN comment u know :)




  1. i took my hijab off on my wedding day
    i am not saying you should but
    but there are ways to get round it
    female cameraperson and separating the men and the women
    i know for sure you will look gorgeous though
    btw 3aaliyah you can change clothes you know
    like the white dress etc in the end and the arabian cultural stuff in the begining
    the grandmaz always go home early :P

  2. sweety..
    i would say that you should wear whatever makes you comfortable, i like the idea of the arabian dress because they are wayy prettier than the regular white dresses, but then again you can have both like kaz just mentioned, but no matter what you wear, i hope your wedding is the most wonderful wedding ever
    much love

  3. @Naima thanks hayati
    im glad you like the arabic dresses
    im really considering them
    thanks 4 the comment
    always drop by my princess