Wednesday, 9 December 2009


Characters Of the Story

18 years old
Arabic-Berber roots
beautiful, eccentric, fun loving , smart , bubbly girl, ambitious, friendly and caring
appearance: Curly bouncy haired brunnette,full of volume curtesy of
Hair Spray by Tressemme and Eccentric Emerald Green eyes curtesy of contact lenses
loves: Photography and Fashion and art
college student
lives:Palace Gardens
(No images of characters as we will leave that to your imagination)

18 years old
Somali roots
Sweet with an interesting sense of humour, mischevious sweetheart, inspirational, ambiitous on a religious journey to finding her true self
pretty with light brown skin and kohl lined dark Midnight eyes
long wavy black hair which has been tied into a bun ever since she became a hijabi
college student
loves:Journalism, Media and Politics- with a dream to be Doctor President and make history for femalekind
loves a certain hadeeth with a great significance in her life and the lives of her friends.

19 years old
Arabic roots
university student- studies buisness
from wealthy family
fun loving, gossip loving, shopping loving, sweetheart
good friend,always there when ever anybody needs her, rescues evrybody but needs rescuing herself,loves guys and on the lookout especially for mr Perfect , more so then the rest of her drooling friends.
a Natural beauty she is a hit with all the wrong guys
pretty hazel eyes and jet black silky smooth hair, teamed with caramel skin and other assets she knows how to look good-part time hijabi part time wild girl shes experimenting

All three girls are on the journey of a life time, and we readers and writers get to learn more and more about them and have fun with their experiences, joys, sorrows and witness their mistakes so we can hopefuly learn and fix our own whilst their friendship grows stronger and they begin to find answers to their lifes problems together, all three girls are the best of friends looking for the same things as everybody else

Asaalamu Aleikum My never updated blog

(My Little Paris of Arabia, Aka Jeddah)

i missed Jeddah so much and Saudi arabia in general and HOME, i really wanted to go quiete recently and the floods really upset me :( , though im glad it turned out alright for my friends and familly, may Allah be with the families who suffered loss ameen.
now what have i been up to since the last time i blogged? i actually dont know im going to think about that myself, i actually like it here though the winter is soo damn cold i have never been this cold in my life, and i therefore keep getting the flu another thing is that its my first Eids in a non-muslim country or non arabic to be honest and i had a great time, they exceeded my expectattions though obviously eid ul adha especially wouldve been more fun for me in KSA
we went to a party that was organised by some people on friday
and then later to a resturaunt and on saturday we went cinema to watch a movie everybody in the country is obsessed with
i love london and since ive been here which has been quiete a long time i have been a tourist (touristness is a great excuse to shop, if you even need one)
and shopping in london is absolutely amazing
1)oxford street
3)westfield mall
5)West End
anyways i love it and the best part is you can get a ferry to france so cheaply , aaprt from that i went to my first somali wedding , it was soo good actually i enjoyed the food, the music and i even danced when the camera was facing away , i think im subconsciously learning somali the words are so similar to arabic some of them and i like the language, other then that i miss my friends my mum and my broz came here and stayed with us for a while, inshallah soon ill go back to saudi arabia and see all of my friends agen, im also helping write a book which should be interesting inshallah maybe i can post the story here, its very inspired by real people and real places and will help keep this never updated blog interesting
ps:Mabrook Maha princess for your engagement <3 wish i could be thre i hope i can make it for the wedding

Friday, 29 May 2009

Dreams do Come true

salaamz everyone
i am not updating this blog enough am i
i just sometimes dont get the time to blog
our wedding has been delayed because 3isaams sisters cant really attend due to exams
so we just delayed it we dont want to have it without them but its allright
we planned holidays
and stuff and it seems like we will spend alot of time on a plane for the next couple of weeks anyways im excited though i will miss london
my whole time in london with his family has been like a great huge holiday i mean come on
oxford street bergdorf goodman, and harrods
london makes all your shopping dreams come totally true its lovely
i would recomend it and i love the cool and cold weather over here in contrast to the HOTT saudi weather but everyone here hates the weather and they were celebrating the fact that summer finally decided to show up
wish you all the best

Saturday, 2 May 2009

Getting Married in 3 WEEKS! :D

The wedding is in 3 weeks from today inshallah (which is why im posting today)
it will be in Dubai, Emirates because 3isaams familly (i.e. grandparents live there) and his uncle owns some stuff there and considering all my familly is in Saudi Arabia it shouldnt be a long trip for them we are leaving in one week and we are going to saudi arabia first inshallah we will then go to emirates
3isaams mum flew to england to show me some dresses and stuff and ive finally come to a decision on which one i will have
the bridesmaids will be 3isams sisters (since he has a million and i only have brothers) and even the venue has been decided and we rented a beach just for the fun of it
the only down side is it really costs a hell of a lot they wont even tell me how much aparently its none of my concern that everyone will be going broke because of me
and we are going on a cruise for a couple of months honeymoon
Inshallah when i do get back ill tell you guys all about it
BTW 2 every1
ohmydays i missed you all
im gng 2 miss u more coz we r going 2 live in the UAE but you bet
ill be around alot
much love 2 everyone
sorry 4 nt blogging in a month
(hvin2 much fun u see)

What Is Love

Is Love those things? ^

No the answer is No love is not roses,flowers, chocolates or money
love is not buyable
its not for sale
heck it shouldnt even have to cost a thing
its free
not because its worthless
but its too special to define
it has no boundaries
it breaks all the rules (minus the rules of Allah)
its Perfect
its happiness
it brings a smile to your lips
it makes your heart accelrate
it makes your stomach do sommersaults
it makes your life seem perfect
it makes you appreciate all good
it makes you want to help others
it makes you want to share your good mood
it makes you a better person
it is totally absolutely definetly PRICELESS
its from the heart and the soul and the mind

Monday, 23 March 2009

Mr Perfect are you there?

(dunno who those people are)
Every girls biggest dream is to find Mr perfect
but nobody seems to want to hear that maybe just maybe he doesnt excist
i remember having "girls sleepovers" and everybody im guessing knows what a girls sleepovers hottest topic is
they consist of a little topic called Males AKA the opposite gender and we used to do like little questionaires
he must graduate from here and there
he must be rich
he must have dark hair (or something)
he MUST MUST be muslim ofcourse
he must be some sort of millionaire i swear
sometimes we mentioned the most ridicilous things just thinking about them can make me laugh my eyes out but just now i was reading with my soon to be sis in law lol another sisters blog and she said people need to understand one that nobody is perfect and two that person may not look like the person you imagined
ill give you an example
for a girl i was never the most intrested in guys i just couldnt be bothered to be honest apart from movies i cant lie i always always always loved romantic movies and me and my broz/3isaam would like fight for hours between some sort of romantic film or some sort of weird violent "samurai" or war film but apart from that i was never intrested in guys because i never met someone who i really liked who was male (or so i thought) and therefore i was stuck in dream mode and did not pay much attention to anything
my point to shorten it is
right now im getting married to my best friend and i love him loads and hes a lovely funny intresting cute hot person lol
but it never crossed my mind itd be him and i know more then most that 3isaam is not perfect beleive me and he has his flaws and he irritates me sometimes but he was good enough to be my best friend right
and your husband/wife should be your best friend
regardless of whether or not they were before
you should be able to trust themm
confide in them
not keep secrets from them and be there for them
my point shortened again is that although your prince charming might not be the random dude you expected to drop from the sky with his angelic wings and halo
the person who is just perfect could really be around the corner
or under your nose