Monday, 23 March 2009

Mr Perfect are you there?

(dunno who those people are)
Every girls biggest dream is to find Mr perfect
but nobody seems to want to hear that maybe just maybe he doesnt excist
i remember having "girls sleepovers" and everybody im guessing knows what a girls sleepovers hottest topic is
they consist of a little topic called Males AKA the opposite gender and we used to do like little questionaires
he must graduate from here and there
he must be rich
he must have dark hair (or something)
he MUST MUST be muslim ofcourse
he must be some sort of millionaire i swear
sometimes we mentioned the most ridicilous things just thinking about them can make me laugh my eyes out but just now i was reading with my soon to be sis in law lol another sisters blog and she said people need to understand one that nobody is perfect and two that person may not look like the person you imagined
ill give you an example
for a girl i was never the most intrested in guys i just couldnt be bothered to be honest apart from movies i cant lie i always always always loved romantic movies and me and my broz/3isaam would like fight for hours between some sort of romantic film or some sort of weird violent "samurai" or war film but apart from that i was never intrested in guys because i never met someone who i really liked who was male (or so i thought) and therefore i was stuck in dream mode and did not pay much attention to anything
my point to shorten it is
right now im getting married to my best friend and i love him loads and hes a lovely funny intresting cute hot person lol
but it never crossed my mind itd be him and i know more then most that 3isaam is not perfect beleive me and he has his flaws and he irritates me sometimes but he was good enough to be my best friend right
and your husband/wife should be your best friend
regardless of whether or not they were before
you should be able to trust themm
confide in them
not keep secrets from them and be there for them
my point shortened again is that although your prince charming might not be the random dude you expected to drop from the sky with his angelic wings and halo
the person who is just perfect could really be around the corner
or under your nose


  1. it is really funny because i totally agree with everything you said i know obviosuly being his sister that you and 3isaam had been friends for a veery long time before and me and Yahye it wasnt like that
    but your prince charming can really take you by suprise cant he? :)
    thanks for making me smile and apreciate all the good things in my life
    AKA yahya :)
    khadra aka kaz

  2. that is so true , we put our expectations so high but we need to understand that human beings are not in fact perfect, we all have our flaws, and people end up marrying the most unexpectated people ever, the person they never thought they would marry..and thats how life is, u have to be ready to accept the unexpectated =)

  3. lol so true but i'm still kinda expecting the "random dude to drop from the sky with his angelic wings and halo"