Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Music Heals?

I was looking through a list of songs id like to play at my wedding some random nice song
can be thrown in ofcourse
but there are so songs out there that hold dear memories to me wallah
some songs that when i listened to it felt like they were written for me
and trust them to be written by nancy Ajram
ohgod i love her songs
some of these are
Lamset Eid
yeey sehr eiyouno
Mogaba (especially)
Meshtagha leeik
ehsaas jdeed
and Ana yali bahibak
OMG if you have not heard them
now you know where to go
whatd you guys think of nancy?
i think her music speaks to the heart
atleast 3aaliyahs
i remember listening to MOGABA and thinking the lyrics would be perfect for my situation and if only "someone would tell him" i could be the happiest person alive and el donya helwa and thinking love really does make the world a better place in any context :)
anyways 3isaam is kinda having some familly problems due to his Mums ex husband creating problems
please make dua 4 him and us
thanks guys
keep coming

1 comment:

  1. i LOVE LOVE LOVE nancy ajrams songs and they truly speak to the heart
    especially her sad songs like enta eih and zaman kan andi alb
    and omg have you heard wana ben idek? that has to be on at your wedding
    and while some of her songs are catchy and fun like oul tani keda, lovee that song and ya tab tab is a fun song to dance to as well do u know shes having a baby girl soon? and omg the song enta eih really burns my heart and its funny cuz im not even arab or speak arabic lool
    by Naima and remember wana ben idek will be a wedding song and did u see the new video to lamset eid? check it out