Saturday, 2 May 2009

Getting Married in 3 WEEKS! :D

The wedding is in 3 weeks from today inshallah (which is why im posting today)
it will be in Dubai, Emirates because 3isaams familly (i.e. grandparents live there) and his uncle owns some stuff there and considering all my familly is in Saudi Arabia it shouldnt be a long trip for them we are leaving in one week and we are going to saudi arabia first inshallah we will then go to emirates
3isaams mum flew to england to show me some dresses and stuff and ive finally come to a decision on which one i will have
the bridesmaids will be 3isams sisters (since he has a million and i only have brothers) and even the venue has been decided and we rented a beach just for the fun of it
the only down side is it really costs a hell of a lot they wont even tell me how much aparently its none of my concern that everyone will be going broke because of me
and we are going on a cruise for a couple of months honeymoon
Inshallah when i do get back ill tell you guys all about it
BTW 2 every1
ohmydays i missed you all
im gng 2 miss u more coz we r going 2 live in the UAE but you bet
ill be around alot
much love 2 everyone
sorry 4 nt blogging in a month
(hvin2 much fun u see)


  1. Anonymous14 May, 2009

    aww mashallah
    congrats my dear sister
    wish you all the best in the world stay happy

  2. 3aaliyah you never blogged about your wedding lol and dont worry about us here in jeddah you know The Superhero saved us
    love you angel