Friday, 29 May 2009

Dreams do Come true

salaamz everyone
i am not updating this blog enough am i
i just sometimes dont get the time to blog
our wedding has been delayed because 3isaams sisters cant really attend due to exams
so we just delayed it we dont want to have it without them but its allright
we planned holidays
and stuff and it seems like we will spend alot of time on a plane for the next couple of weeks anyways im excited though i will miss london
my whole time in london with his family has been like a great huge holiday i mean come on
oxford street bergdorf goodman, and harrods
london makes all your shopping dreams come totally true its lovely
i would recomend it and i love the cool and cold weather over here in contrast to the HOTT saudi weather but everyone here hates the weather and they were celebrating the fact that summer finally decided to show up
wish you all the best

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