Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Characters Of the Story

18 years old
Arabic-Berber roots
beautiful, eccentric, fun loving , smart , bubbly girl, ambitious, friendly and caring
appearance: Curly bouncy haired brunnette,full of volume curtesy of
Hair Spray by Tressemme and Eccentric Emerald Green eyes curtesy of contact lenses
loves: Photography and Fashion and art
college student
lives:Palace Gardens
(No images of characters as we will leave that to your imagination)

18 years old
Somali roots
Sweet with an interesting sense of humour, mischevious sweetheart, inspirational, ambiitous on a religious journey to finding her true self
pretty with light brown skin and kohl lined dark Midnight eyes
long wavy black hair which has been tied into a bun ever since she became a hijabi
college student
loves:Journalism, Media and Politics- with a dream to be Doctor President and make history for femalekind
loves a certain hadeeth with a great significance in her life and the lives of her friends.

19 years old
Arabic roots
university student- studies buisness
from wealthy family
fun loving, gossip loving, shopping loving, sweetheart
good friend,always there when ever anybody needs her, rescues evrybody but needs rescuing herself,loves guys and on the lookout especially for mr Perfect , more so then the rest of her drooling friends.
a Natural beauty she is a hit with all the wrong guys
pretty hazel eyes and jet black silky smooth hair, teamed with caramel skin and other assets she knows how to look good-part time hijabi part time wild girl shes experimenting

All three girls are on the journey of a life time, and we readers and writers get to learn more and more about them and have fun with their experiences, joys, sorrows and witness their mistakes so we can hopefuly learn and fix our own whilst their friendship grows stronger and they begin to find answers to their lifes problems together, all three girls are the best of friends looking for the same things as everybody else


  1. NIICE- i love it, i cant wait to read it excellent
    missing you ya 3alooyah