Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Asaalamu Aleikum My never updated blog

(My Little Paris of Arabia, Aka Jeddah)

i missed Jeddah so much and Saudi arabia in general and HOME, i really wanted to go quiete recently and the floods really upset me :( , though im glad it turned out alright for my friends and familly, may Allah be with the families who suffered loss ameen.
now what have i been up to since the last time i blogged? i actually dont know im going to think about that myself, i actually like it here though the winter is soo damn cold i have never been this cold in my life, and i therefore keep getting the flu another thing is that its my first Eids in a non-muslim country or non arabic to be honest and i had a great time, they exceeded my expectattions though obviously eid ul adha especially wouldve been more fun for me in KSA
we went to a party that was organised by some people on friday
and then later to a resturaunt and on saturday we went cinema to watch a movie everybody in the country is obsessed with
i love london and since ive been here which has been quiete a long time i have been a tourist (touristness is a great excuse to shop, if you even need one)
and shopping in london is absolutely amazing
1)oxford street
3)westfield mall
5)West End
anyways i love it and the best part is you can get a ferry to france so cheaply , aaprt from that i went to my first somali wedding , it was soo good actually i enjoyed the food, the music and i even danced when the camera was facing away , i think im subconsciously learning somali the words are so similar to arabic some of them and i like the language, other then that i miss my friends my mum and my broz came here and stayed with us for a while, inshallah soon ill go back to saudi arabia and see all of my friends agen, im also helping write a book which should be interesting inshallah maybe i can post the story here, its very inspired by real people and real places and will help keep this never updated blog interesting
ps:Mabrook Maha princess for your engagement <3 wish i could be thre i hope i can make it for the wedding

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